Our Services

Cosegic is one of the UK's leading compliance consultancies that provides assistance with FCA authorisation, ongoing compliance consulting, prudential services, compliance health checks and regulatory projects. We also provide and online training and compliance software across our original software PortAll.

FCA Authorisation & Applications

We know what the FCA is looking for after successfully managing over 1,500 applications across all financial sectors. We work closely with our clients to ensure a complete application, which at the core reflects the client’s business plan, reaches the Regulator, to help ensure authorisation is achieved efficiently.
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Compliance Advisory

We provide industry-leading ongoing consultancy services support which is constantly adapted to the ever-evolving regulatory environment. We also routinely solve client specific issues, offer ad-hoc project support, assist with changes in business structure and the effect and impact of new regulation on systems, policies, procedures and controls.
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Compliance Software

Our compliance software offering, PortALL, is a compliance management and learning management system. Built by our own team, it offers a full suite of compliance training courses, as well as a user friendly, effortless way to assist its clients in meeting their compliance obligations by automating and streamlining key regulatory processes.
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Prudential Services & Regulatory Reporting

Regulators expect firms to hold sufficient capital based on formulaic requirements, to regularly stress test liquidity risks and to have a robust wind down plan. Our specialist Prudential Team can help you interpret the requirements and avoid common errors that are likely to lead to unwanted attention from the regulator.
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Financial Crime

Under UK legislation, relevant firms must be able to demonstrate that they have robust governance, effective risk procedures and adequate internal control mechanisms to manage their financial crime risk. We help a broad range of firms across all financial sectors, with a special emphasis on those organisations for whom financial crime is especially complex and demanding.
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SEC Compliance & Registration

Our in-house SEC specialist team can help with all aspects of an application for SEC registration, as well as a full ongoing advisory service following a firm’s registration.
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Ensuring your management and staff receive appropriate compliance training is a requirement of the FCA’s regulations. We offer two options, online training courses using our PortAll software and bespoke classroom training and workshops
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Our team

Our team of ex-regulators, industry practitioners and subject matter experts help to minimise the regulatory burden, offering practical, usable advice and solutions that work for our clients and the Regulator.

It’s through the breadth and depth of their collective expertise and experience that we provide an outstanding service and ensure that compliance makes a positive contribution to a firm’s day-to-day running of their business.